Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Leafpile Scarf and March Plum Blossoms

Blogging two days running! What am I thinking!

Here's how the warp looks and how the first 7-8 inches look. You can't really see the pattern right now unless you stand off at the side. I've included the draft so that you can see where I'm heading. The red wine colors aren't coming out as much as I had hoped but the texture of the handspun is adding lots of dimension to it. Its looking more like the trees along the VA/NC border than the ones in our yard.

I also photographed the most recent scarf I finished on my table loom. The warp is left over knitting yarns as is the weft...a cashmere merino blend from one of the big name yarn distributors. It is lovely and soft. The photo looks more blue than purple but the weft is a deep purple. I still have quite lot of the purple weft yarn left so I may knit a hat to go along with it.

And finally for everyone who wants to see a little springtime...a photo of our plum tree in bloom and a close up. The temperatures did get into the upper 20s last night so who knows what kind of crop we will have. But if the blossoms weren't harmed lasted night and the Mason bees did their job, we will be having a bumper crop of plums this year. All the neighbors will be happy! I've never seen trees so loaded with blossoms.


Diana said...

Well done Holly! Was the weft on the fall colors the same as the warp? Or did I as usual miss something. I love the weave structure, is it twill?

Susan said...

Love the fall colours of your warp!
Thanks for the pictures of blossoms too. We've had a relapse of winter here and its darn cold!
Our flowers are under a light skiff of snow. I also spotted a hummingbird at the feeder I put out early ... and good thing too!

@ Thrums

Life Looms Large said...

Beautiful flowers!! Just what I need to see during this unusually rainy March in New Hampshire!

The scarves look great. Definitely inspires me to get back to my looms pronto!

Thanks for showing your colors!!