Saturday, June 12, 2010

2 Sunset Satin Mobius

First experiment with weaving 5-shaft satin (and using tencel) nearly done.  I love the results! Oh, so soft!

What did I learn?
  1. The curling selvedges do come out with a hard press.
  2. When your feet are trained to treadle four shafts in a row, switching to five shafts takes some re-training (and un-weaving).
  3. Much harder to see treadling errors in satin than in twill.
  4. Using a mirror to watch the warp side helps catch errors.
  5. Got a nicer drape and fabric feel with 8/2 tencel warp, combined with 10/2 tencel than with 8/2 tencel as both the warp and weft -- but both are really nice.
  6. The take-up and shrinkage of tencel -- not much.
Both have the same 8/2 tencel warp. The mobius on the left has an 10/2 tencel weft with tencel in pinks and reds from Just Our Yarn.  The one on the left has an 8/2 tencel weft in reds, pinks and black.  The undertones in the left mobius warp are more muted and pinky while the other one leans more toward reds and orange.  Both seem to be inspired by the sunset photo below, however, the blacks and grays stand out more in the one with the red/black weft.  I had hoped the pink weft would have a stronger pink cast on the warp.
I still have to twist the ends together to create each mobius.  The red/black weft one is 39" so I may sew it together with a flat fell seam.  The pink weft one is 36" -- exactly the length I like, so I will twist it together with the fringe. Both are 6 5/8" wide -- I little wider than I usually like.

Right now my next satin experiment will be with a 7-shaft satin.  I'm going to use JOY 10/2 tencel in blues and greens as the warp and maybe some Red Fish 20/2 silk in the weft.  And the width will be less.  But right now I'm going to hang out in the yard with Daisey the Dog so she can bark at the sunshine -- something we haven't seen much of lately in the Pacific Northwest.


Anne-Marie said...

How exactly do you sew it to make it a moebius? I have never seen that done with weaving. I hope you will detail with photos! I think teh scarves are lovely - the colors are fantastic.

Holly said...

They are really a fake mobius. I twist them and them twist the fringe together or sew ends together. Unlike in knitting, its not created as one piece.

saoriweaver said...

Your mobius scarves are gorgeous - they look like they feel sooo nice!

I love making the mobius scarves too. I have now learned a way to weave the ends together and am having fun with that!

Happy Weaving,

Lynnette said...

The colours and the scarves are lovely. It's great to see that 2/8 Tencel works so well in Satin Weave as it is soon on my agenda to weave and I have lots of Tencel. I'd love to see a photo showing your finished twist. Great sunset photo too..