Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Back! The P2P2 Challenge

Thanks to Meg at Unravelling we are doing another Pics to Picks Challenge.  A total of 19 weavers signed up this year.  We are each randomly assigned to send pictures that inspire us to another weaver.  This year mine are going to a weaver in California and last year they went to a weaver down under.  So I'm looking forward to getting my pics from a weaver in Australia.

It's been months since I blogged about my weaving but, yes I have been weaving.  When I last posted I promised to post a photo of the satin scarf using the leftover weft from Daisey's snacking.  So here it is:

I've been on a laprug weaving binge.  I've woven 4-5 (lost count) since Christmas, using a Lisa Souza's BFL yarn in the warp and her Silky boucle in the weft.  Take a look at three of them.  The one on the left hasn't been washed yet.

And now for a couple of scarves, woven on my table loom using Lisa Souza's Big Wool.

And finally a scarf made with some of Lisa Souza's yarn in the warp and Just Our Yarn 5/2 tencel in the weft. I'm really excited about how this scarf turned out.  When I was winding the warp, I listened in my headto the words of Randy Darwall - "why use 5 colors when you can use 50 colors."

I have several other completed projects, but they will have to wait until next time.  However, I would like to share that our beloved Crazey Dasiey (see my avatar photo) went on to the Rainbow Bridge in December.  We know she is in doggie heaven, chasing bugs and butterflies and dreaming of cashmere yarn to snack on!  We miss her everyday.

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Meg in Nelson said...

Kind of funny to imagine all 19 of us pacing around out post boxes for the next little while. :->