Friday, May 15, 2009


I've been weaving but I've also been:
  1. on long weekend knitting retreat -- took my table loom,
  2. down to Portland to visit friends (and hits some sales and outlet stores),
  3. entertained said friends here at home,
  4. blown my nose a million times due to a cold,
  5. worked on a volunteer marketing project and other volunteer projects
  6. waiting for Spring to arrive (not here yet! well, maybe today!)
  7. and spent time preparing 45+ scarves for a booth at ANWG.

The scarves are amazing -- all woven by the expert weavers of the Seattle Weaver's Guild. Just getting them photographed and labeled was a learning experience because I got closely examine them. There are all types of weave structures and fibers and all beautiful! It was like going to my own personal structures school.

The ANWG conference is in two weeks in Spokane -- if you are going, be sure check out the Seattle Weaver's Guild booth and pet our lovely scarves.

So I finished another double weave scarf -- it turned out great except for a little problem when I had too much Sangria at the retreat. But the little problem hardly shows!

I have two looms warped with 10 inches woven on one and 23 inches on the other...and I'm tying on a warp on my 8-shaft loom. I found a whole bunch of cheap cashmere sweaters in the various Portland thrift stores so I have been picking them apart.

That's what I've been doing...what have you been doing?