Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flowers and Glaciers

The Pics to Picks photo that I have selected for my inspiration has blue and white china (which I love) and flowers much like those in DH's here is the photo.

I played with it just a little in Photoshop and really like the tiled effect.  Then I used an online web design color tool to help me see all the colors.  The tiling seem to lighten the colors a little.  So I used the same color tool with the original photo.  You can see the differences below.

Meanwhile, back in the studio, I finished weaving a laprug using a cashmere weft (hand dyed yarn from Lisa Souza) and started a tencel scarf using the colors in the glaciers at Mendendall Glacier and at Glacier Bay. Here are a couple of photos from our Alaska cruise that I used in my color selection for the scarf:

You can see more photos from our cruise here.

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Meg in Nelson said...

Interesting how the different treatment on the photo is caused almost by fiddling with the values.