Monday, June 6, 2011

Pics 2 Picks -- Second Pic

Esame’s second pic has opened a whole new area for me -- Aboriginal artists from South Australia. Take a look at the photo I have linked here on the right. The large orangey-blue painting between the two women is the one that started me down this path. Esmae sent me an exhibit sheet from the Desert Mob 2006 guide that shows the center portion of the painting. (Desert Mob is an annual art event held in Alice Springs.) From there I followed a Google path leading to paintings with really fabulous use of color. 

I found a really great PDF about an exhibit entitled, Desert Country and from there explored the work of various artists. I’ve listed some of the links I followed below. Tunbridge Gallery
Marshall Arts -- this link is really good because it lists the geographic areas and the artists -- describing what the area is know for.

I could look at these paintings all day -- but I had better save it for later and go wind a warp!

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Meg in Nelson said...

Aboriginal Art looks to me like a code - like a graphic telegraph from long time ago.