Friday, July 22, 2011

Another P2P2 Weaving Project...

After I finished my first P2P2 project I realized that it was very much like a scarf I wove a few years I hadn't stepped out of my comfort zone.  Now I'm working on second project, based on the photo on the left.  Note it has a lot of orange.  I'm not a fan of orange clothing, no orange in my home.  Not an orange person.  Actually I must be an orange purist -- I think orange should be left in nature (flowers, fruit and sunsets).  And I only have one cone of a muted orange cotton that was given to me with a whole much of other cones.

First I looked at the texture of the fabric at the photo.  All the little circles remind me of waffle weave.  So I warped my loom for 3 dish towels  and divided the photo into thirds and rotated the bottom third. Now the dots rather line up as warp threads and the reds, blues and other colors can be weft threads.  I didn't include an orange in the warp.  When I do the middle towel I want to use what orange cotton that I do have.  And I haven't decided if the middle towel will be a waffle weave or something else.  Here you will find photos of the warp and what I have woven so far.  More to come. 


Diana said...

Love it Holly!

Meg in Nelson said...

I used to think the same as you about orange for most of my life, until I did a color correspondence course, AND having lived in a house with spectacular sunset views, I can't get enough of it now. How fickle am I?

Lovely towel idea, in a series no less. I can't wait to see all three, fished and all lined up!