Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Day in the Life of Looms 2012

The Day in the Life of Looms is something started by Meg in New Zealand.  Each New Year's Day weavers post what is on their looms. 

LeClerc Fanny is ready for a new scarf warp to get tie-on. 

Zooey the Fireside loom has a warp using leftover knitting yarns.  About 30 inches done.

Cherry Pie, the Norwood Loom, has a small scarve on it.  About 8 inches done.

A doubleweave project on my table loom -- all the action is on the other side of the warp.  However, it isn't turning out the way I expected so I am going to do a different double weave with the rest of the warp.

The start of a project on my Navajo loom...but it has been at this level for 6 months!



Woven Spun said...

It was great seeing your looms. Sorry I didn't get to see you again before we left Washington.

Meg said...

And a happy happy 2012 to you, too.